I’m the Creator and Co-Producer of The Wonder Show, Britain’s Personal Best Ambassador, Wellness Activist,  Author,  Keynote Speaker, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Ex-Royal Navy Athlete, Founder of Wonder Camps and the Disadvantaged Teenage Project.

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April is an internationally acclaimed professional keynote speaker and expert on confidence, motivation and wellness. She has presented her keynote speeches in twelve countries across three continents to date. Her style is engaging and inspiring, fun and interactive, pertinent and relevant.

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April has created a methodology for confidence that has inspired audiences for the past 15 years. Her materials are continually developed via the interactive research she carries out and she is often quoted by other professionals. She is a highly popular presenter and as such is often re-booked on multiple occasions by regular clients around the world.

Fee range: £6,000 - £9,000 Book April

April is a regular contributor to UK and US media, namely Weider publishing; owner of Shape, Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness and Natural Health magazines, who presented April's health and fitness system 'Back to the Core' as a six page center spread.

She is a published author of two books '10 Step Guide to Better Health and Posture' and 'Orgasm your way back to Health'.

'Legs, Chest, Supple, Bend, Twist, Arms', is due to be released in 2014, which includes a 'For Kids' posture and fitness guide. This book offers a functional exercise system based on April's time in the Royal Navy, and uses only body weight, and environment to get healthy and in shape.

April continues to be a sought-after media personality/expert.

April's ethos and vision is to create happy, healthy people through her work as a Keynote Speaker, Author and Presenter. She is keen to demonstrate how various lifestyle factors have a deep and profound affect on one another. [...]
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Britain's Personal Best Charity

April was appointed Ambassador for the Charity, Britain's Personal Best in 2013 [...]
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Disadvantaged Teenage Project

The behavioural problems that we have amongst teenagers in Britain, especially boys [...]
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Wonder Camps

Wonder Camps are not just about health and fitness, but about adding wonder to children’s lives. [...]
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Sporting Challenges

April is in training for Ironman Wales, London to Brighton and various other PB’s to motivate the nation, especially parents and families to get more active.

1) Extreme Ironing while Paddle Boarding up the Thames River. (completed in October '13) [...]
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Corporate Workshops

Employees and managers express deep gratitude, not only for the life-changing ideas shared, but to the company that thinks highly enough of its people to provide programs that benefit [...]
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Wellness. Wonder. Wealth. Events

April founded the Wellness. Wonder. Wealth Events to bring together experts from around the World in order to supply valuable content for attendees, not just to inspire, but to provide the knowledge necessary for participants to implement key actions;[...] Read more

April's Biography

'Helping people accomplish Wonders.'

Wellness Activist. Author. Keynote Speaker. Philanthropist. Visionary. Entrepreneur. Creator and Co-Producer of The Wonder Show. Britain's Personal Best Ambassador.

April's ethos and vision is to create happy, healthy people through her work as a Keynote Speaker, Author and Presenter. She is keen to demonstrate how various lifestyle factors have a deep and profound effect on one another. She shows how the realms of physical health, sports and fitness, mental health, as well as sex life and personal relationships, and business are all interrelated.[...]
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